TCCIA: Learn How to Make Accurate Football Prediction

Welcome to TCCIA! We’ll help you to learn how to make football predictions without using expensive services, without subscriptions and wasting your time and money. You can do it yourself for free!

How to Bet on Football

Betting on sports is one of the most popular types of gambling embraced by millions of people from all across the world. This is largely because many people enjoy different types of sports. Naturally they gravitate to anything associated with said sport including betting on their favorite teams.

In this type of betting, football/soccer leads the pack. Football is one of the most popular sports enjoyed and even played by millions of fans worldwide. It has such a dedicated and loyal following than any other sports ever. There are great leagues that dominate it but most countries also have their local leagues as well.

Betting on football is something you cannot mix with any other type of betting because the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Every single hour there is a game taking place somewhere giving you thousands of events to choose from.

Understanding Football Markets

There are different markets in football that you have to understand more about before you take part in betting. This is important to help you make a more informed selection for each placed bet. Understanding the different markets will open your eyes to how betting and predictions works in football.

1. Full time Results

Here you see the most popular and widely bet on market amongst all others where you can bet in two different ways. You can either go for 1×2 (Win, Draw, or Lose) or go for the Asian Handicap. When it comes to 1×2, you choose to bet on whether either of the teams present will emerge victorious or if the match may end in a draw.

This is the most common form of betting known by another name which is 3-way betting which is how most people know it.

Betting on meridianbet

The creators of the Asian Handicap came up with this type of bet to remove the possibility of betting on a draw. This in turn makes matches that appear to favor one side more appealing. You get to have one a goal handicap which adds up or is subtracted from either team.

Always keep in mind the total duration of each football match which is 90 minutes. There can be some added minutes due to time lost during injury time but in betting terms, this is still the same time limit. 3-way bets do not consider penalty shootouts.

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2. Half-time Full time

This comes in handy when you want to place your bets only on the first half of the match and not on both halves. This comes in handy when the teams playing are almost matched in prowess or when one has a great defense team. This is why research is important before you embark on placing your bets.

One point to note is most teams that are playing away from home tend to keep the game leveled to a draw until they reach the first half. It’s easier to bet on the results of half time than it is to bet on both half and full time results. You must bet correctly for both halves if you want to win.

Do your research on both teams and make correct predictions of how the match may play out.

3. Accumulator Bets

These types of bets are also known as combo or parlay bets. This means you make more than one selection on an individual betslip. When you place multiple selection on one betting slip, you increase the amount you may win of the odds are in your favor.

Most betting sites entice punters to place accumulator bets with promise of either cash back or an accumulator bonus as a reward. This type of bet is very popular with football matches and is what is popularly referred to as football ‘Accas’. Again do your research on all the teams before making your selections for this bet.

4. Over/Under Bets

This is also known as Total Goals. Here you’re required to predict correctly the total number of goals that may be achieved. The common set standard across all bookmakers is 2.5 goals. You then have to bet on whether a match will end up with more than 2.5 goals or fewer than 2.5 goals.

This is a type of bet that most people enjoy and use all the time. This just requires you to predict the total number of goals the whole match will wind up with, not which side will win.

5. Goal Scorer

For this bet, it all boils down to which player on your favorite team will be the first to score a goal. This type of bet is very simple and straightforward. A word of caution is to consult the terms and conditions set by your bookmaker before placing the bet. This is to see how they handle issues like scoring an own goal.

There are those sites that have different offers where your favorite player need not be the first to score a goal.

6. Draw No Bet

This type bet has no draw option. In case the match ends in a draw then you are refunded your stake. This is why the odds for this bet are very low than any other type addressed here. You get your stake back if the match ends in a draw but you had selected a particular team to win.

7. Exact Score

This is where you bet on the exact score or total goals the match will have at the end. The odds for this type of bet are high but ironically the profit doesn’t match. You have to do very keen research to place this bet because it calls for serious accuracy.

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Football Predictions

Many sites are cropping up every day offering you the ‘correct’ football predictions and they charge very exorbitantly. Football prediction simply entails foreseeing the outcome of a match and staking some money in a bet on it. You can choose to make your predictions or source from another.

There are those sites that give free football predictions and those that charge for them. These sites aim is to steer you in the right direction to get the positive outcome you desire most. One way to ensure that using the prediction site works in your favor it to choose to bet with a bookmaker that offers high odds.

Free Prediction Sites:

  1. Confirmbets
  2. Betzodiac
  3. Betensured
  5. Matchplug
  6. Mightytips
  7. Soccer Platform
  8. Betgenuine
  9. 1960tips
  10. Betro

Sites you have to pay:

  1. VIP Betting Tips


Prediction of Europa League games from the site pronosticos 2019

Making your Football Predictions for Yourself

How to Make the Correct Predictions

When it comes to betting, all you need is to arm yourself with proper research and you’re bound to turn a profit on your staked amount.

Step 1 – Get Familiar with Upcoming Matches

An informed punter is halfway there. You want to know in advanced all the matches that are set to take place shortly. This will help you sift through them and decide which are worth your attention. You can opt to select from the most popular and top leagues in the world.

Step 2 – Study the Stats

Follow this by studying the stats of each of the chosen teams. Some bookmakers offer stats on their sites, but you can also get the right information online too. This research is important because you get to make informed decisions while placing your bets rather that picking any market at random.

Step 3 – Pick the Best Odds

This is where your research skills must go above and beyond to get you the best odds out there. Select several online betting platforms and compare their odds. This is the best way to pinpoint the correct one for you among the many offered.

It is the odds you pick that determine whether you make a profit or loss on your staked amount. Pick the bookmaker with the highest odds based on the selection you’ve made and bet on them.

Tips to Making the Right Predictions

1. Do your Research

This cannot be emphasized enough. Not unless you simply enjoy losing money, take time to do ample research on the matches available and all the teams involved. It will cost you nothing to spare time for this before placing your bet. Your research will help you learn the overall performance of the teams.

Most of this information is available on the bookmakers’ platforms or online in different sites. Pick a team and go back as far as you can to analyze its performance. This will help you predict its outcome more accurately than going at it blindly.

Statistics Liverpool. Premier League

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2. Pick the Home Team

A little research will show you that teams with home ground advantage perform much better than the visiting teams. This all boils down to the simple fact that visitors are in unfamiliar territory while the home team is comfortable and secure enough to play at its best.

3. Shots Location

The importance of studying the teams you’ve selected is to learn where they make their best goal shots in the field. The location of shots is important because you learn that some teams have a favorite spot where they take their shots. This also means you have to learn where the opposing team makes their toughest defense on the field too. The best way to turn a profit is by thorough analysis of past games.

4. Consider the Weather

Some teams play on at high performance even in extreme weather and there are those whose performance falls. Looking back at how a certain team plays when the weather changes or in a different climate will help you make better predictions.

5. Keep to the Familiar Markets

When it comes to making the correct predictions, stick to what you know very well. As you keep learning, certain markets will become very familiar to you. These are the markets that are more sensible to you and you’re more likely to win with.

Follow what you like and do thorough research on them to excel.  You’ll come to learn top bettors stick to a few markets only and rarely deviate from their betting patterns. Find what works for you and stick to it.

6. Performance

You may be tempted to bet on the form or shape a certain team is in. This is inaccurate because a certain team may be at its best form but still not be able to perform. You have to focus on how it’s been performing to make the accurate predictions. Consider how the team performs at home and while visiting in another area.

The best team is the one that’s able to perform at the same high level while away as they do while on home ground. Keep in mind those players from each team that are injured or are out on suspension. Their absence affects how productive the team will be.

7. Deviate from the Norm

What everyone else is doing is not necessarily the right thing. The truth is most people don’t take time to do their research before placing their bets on a team. Arming yourself with the right information will see you deviate from following the crowd to making better choices in the future.

This is how you’ll end up turning a profit from betting. Professional bettors always bet on what the majority are avoiding a large percent of the time.

8. Pick Familiar Leagues

As tempting as it may be to try out a new league, it’s more advisable to stick to the leagues you know. These leagues help you know the best markets to select. Decide to take some time off if the leagues you understand have no present matches rather than risking on unfamiliar territories.


Football betting is here to stay and it’s important to know how to get the correct predictions before placing your bet. Staking money on a bet means taking a risk. You can either turn up a profit or a loss. If you’re serious about betting, take time to do your research in advance. Dig deeper into your favorite teams and see which the best predicted outcome is for a certain match.

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